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The Tough Love Intensive is only for DadBods who are serious about getting results and taking back control of their wellness!!

When DadBods come to us they are usually out of shape and deconditioned due to a lifetime focussed on career and family and poor lifestyle choices. They are often demotivated by multiple failed diets and unsustainable exercise programs. Years of neglect and prioritising others ahead of personal wellness have led to spiraling health and happiness and regret and fear for the future they had hoped for!

Through the pillars of Food, Movement, Sleep and Mindset we teach you what to do and how to do it, with the exact plans and structure to follow. The discipline of our unique Tough Love Intensive coaching holds you accountable for your actions and guarantees the results you deserve!


John’s world is full of pressure and responsibility!
As a high profile attorney for a large legal firm, John has teams and clients across the USA in multiple locations and time zones. This means long work days, significant travel and high expectations to deliver results at a high standard every day. Add into the mix John’s family responsibilities and his leadership role within his local church and community and its not surprising that wellness didn’t get a look in when the weekly scheduling was done!
But John knew that the future he was working towards, relaxing with his family and loved ones needed him to be fit, healthy and disease free to enjoy the fruits of all his hard work. Many of his friends of a similar age were having health and medical issues and he was attending far too many funerals! His wife took the lead on finding a solution and the rest is history. John loved the Tough Love Intensive and thrived on the challenge of following the program and achieving each milestone. Now lighter, fitter, stronger and looking and feeling 10 years younger, John is a great example of what can be achieved with a tailored program, discipline and accountability

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Keith’s days are filled with giving his energy to others, and this often involves early starts and evening commitments. As a senior church pastor Keith was no stranger to caring for and supporting others, but he often put himself last and his wellness suffered and a change needed to be made! Keith knew he needed a structured plan to follow and guidance and support along the journey. His adherence to the Tough Love Intensive program was outstanding and he followed all elements of the Food, Movement and Sleep protocols to the letter. His results were outstanding, both physically and mentally as his energy, mood and decision making noticeably improved.
Keith was so inspired by the program and his results, he now runs wellness focussed programs with a similar formula for his church and mentors and coaches people to change their lives and take back control of their wellness.
He is an inspiration to his family and community.

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As a high performing commercial pilot and global adventurer, Mike was used to pushing himself above and beyond, however like many successful people, without constant challenge he had slipped into complacency. Mike needed some Tough Love to kickstart his wellness! Lots of changes and lifestyle modifications were needed but Mike made the commitment to himself and his family to stay on track. He gave the program 100% and now reaps the rewards of amazing wellness, energy and motivation – ready for his next conquest!
Mike now includes structured wellness preparation for participants into the adventure programs he runs for clients to ensure they are physically and mentally ready for the challenges ahead.


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I love this guy for 2 compelling reasons!
Firstly Terry followed the Tough Love program to the letter and got all the results and rewards he deserves and is now living the wellness dream!
Secondly, he’s my BIG brother and having him go through the program brought us closer than ever! I was worried about his health before he started, so to see him now, in great shape, looking and feeling amazing means the world to me personally! As the CEO of a global company Terry can now deal with the pressures of running a fast moving company across multiple countries involving significant travel and challenges and his business is thriving with he newfound energy and focus.

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As a highly successful entrepreneur and business owner, Steve is a classic example of a bloke who put 100% into his business, career and family and forgot to look after himself. As an ex-serviceman Steve had been fit and healthy in his younger days, but was struggling to prioritise his health and wellness. Steve dived headfirst into the program and after overhauling his own wellness, he put some key members of his leadership team through it too! Steve is now enjoying more success and happiness than he has for a long time after ditching his DadBod!

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Surrounded by shit foods and poor choices, Dom was significantly overweight and a primary candidate for an early grave. Dom knew he needed to change but had no idea where to begin his DadBod transformation!
Dom had outstanding results following the formula and program. He loved the accountability and no bullshit approach and has now changed his world! Dom continues to follow the program and has now lost almost 50kg (110lb) .. wow!

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Mark is an amazing family man and successful businessman. He spends most of his time focussing on everyone around him and that meant his health and wellness had taken a back seat.
Mark needed some help to re-prioritise himself and Ditch his DadBod. Since finishing the program Mark is loving his new mindset, body and energy. His business and family have benefited from his more balanced approach to life and will allow him to maintain his new lifestyle and results long term.  As one of the nicest blokes I have ever had the pleasure to work with, Mark truly deserves the amazing results he achieved.

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Before embarking on the Tough Love Intensive program you will undertake a comprehensive PHA (Precision Health Alliance) assessment. This thorough evaluation includes a series of body measurements, an exercise and injury history review, and a detailed medical and family history. We also conduct a disease risk assessment to ensure a holistic understanding of your health. This extensive assessment results in a personalized PHA Health Type, which serves as the foundation for your tailored Food, Movement, and Sleep protocols. By understanding your unique health profile, we can create a precise, effective plan to guide you on your wellness journey.


At Ditchthedadbod.com, we understand that food is fuel, and the right nutrition is essential for transforming your dad bod into a lean, healthy physique. That’s why we harness the power of PHA technology to craft a tailored food list and eating plan based on your individual health type. This comprehensive plan is meticulously curated to provide you with the perfect blend of nutrient-dense foods, portion sizes, and meal timings to optimize your metabolism and achieve sustainable weight loss. From on-the-go snacks to restaurant dining and travel, our program equips you with practical strategies to navigate any eating situation with ease. With our intuitive PHA app, you’ll have access to your personalized food information wherever you go, empowering you to track your progress and make informed choices. And as you continue on your health journey, the PHA system evolves alongside you, adapting your plan to reflect changes in weight and health status, ensuring you’re always supported on your path to success


We know that effective movement is key to transforming your dad bod and achieving lasting health. Our approach begins with a personalized exercise program designed specifically for your needs, targeting the areas that will deliver the best results. Using advanced PHA technology, we tailor each workout to your individual health type, ensuring the right intensity and timing for maximum impact. As you progress through the program, our system adapts and updates your regimen to match your evolving fitness levels and weight loss milestones. This dynamic approach ensures that your exercise plan remains challenging and effective, keeping you motivated and on track to reach your goals


We know that quality sleep is essential for overall health and well-being. That’s why we start by monitoring your sleep to establish baseline data, giving us a clear picture of your current sleep patterns. Using proven sleep hacks and cutting-edge technology, we systematically improve the quality and effectiveness of your rest. Our PHA system provides insights into your individual sleep timings and circadian rhythms, allowing us to tailor a personalized sleep program just for you. This customized approach ensures you get the restorative sleep you need to fuel your transformation and support your health journey


A strong, positive wellness mindset is crucial for achieving and maintaining long-term health. In this pillar, we dive deep into understanding the unique motivators and blockers that impact each dad bod’s journey to sustainable wellness. We explore the behaviors and neglect that have led to deconditioning, providing insights and strategies to prevent this from happening again. By addressing the mental and emotional aspects of wellness, we empower you to develop a resilient mindset that supports lasting health and a balanced work-life integration. This holistic approach ensures that your transformation is not just physical but mental, leading to enduring success.


While we offer a comprehensive wellness formula that guarantees results, we also prioritize teaching you how to manage your own wellness. Our program covers the fundamentals of food, movement, sleep, and mindset, ensuring you understand not just what to do, but why it matters. This educational component is essential for achieving long-term, sustainable health. By gaining a deeper understanding of the principles behind your wellness plan, you’ll be better equipped to maintain and enhance your health independently, leading to lasting, positive changes.


Accountability is a foundational pillar at Ditch the DadBod We recognize that prioritizing other responsibilities often leads to neglecting personal wellness. Our tough love approach includes regular check-ins, continuous support, and motivation, ensuring you stay on course. We establish clear actions and expectations to maintain your focus and drive. This structured accountability system helps you prioritize your health, providing the discipline and encouragement necessary to transform your dad bod and achieve lasting results.


So we have all heard of a post-mortem – but we don’t need to wait until you are dead to conduct a Wellness Project pre-mortem!
Like all successful projects, we need to not only make sure that we have a clear plan and outcomes but also a good understanding of what could go wrong.
So before we start your program, we ask the question “Why could this fail?” and ensure that we have identified possible failures (usually time, work, travel, family, injury’s etc) and develop strategies to deal with these.
A good pre-mortem will prevent your wellness project dying before its time!